Three Net-Zero Homes about to be Underway Simultaneously!

The Harris-Staller job is rolling.  We should be under roof by the end of the week after many days of delay looking for a dry day to pour our super insulated slab.  The plans are a contemporary take on the craftsman style by Jay Fulkerson, architect. 

After six weeks of waiting for the plan review process, the Murphy-Dunn modern net zero home will be under way this week!  The modern home which optimizes the view of the beautiful natural surroundings was designed by Arielle Schechter, architect.  

The Hunter-Dorrance net zero home is in the permit process.  The home is a contemporary farmhouse design that utilizes beams from the site that were very locally milled.  In a month, all three should be under way simultaneously.   Plans by Jay Fulkerson, architect.

All three of these jobs will employ the "JayPhire Wall" which is the result of collaboration between Newphire and architect Jay Fulkerson.  Jay and I have been brainstorming for years to come up with a wall assembly that meets Passive House performance as inexpensively as possible.  The JayPhire Wall delivers.  Call or email for details.

We feel very fortunate to have such fabulous clients that are interested in what we do.  The cool thing is that folks that come to us have typically already imbibed the energy efficiency Kool Aid- no arm twisting necessary.  

Looking forward to a fabulous 2015!