Arthur Minnis Rd

The Arthur Minnus Rd home is one of Newphire's latest projects.  The plan, by Arielle Schechter, is an adaptation of one of her acclaimed Micropolis home plans (  All photos below thanks to Iman Woods.

Serdar Driveway View.jpg
Serdar Big ass fan with big ass window.jpg
Serdar 16' Porch door.jpg
Serdar Custom Concrete Sink with Barn Door.jpg
Serdar Kitchen sink.jpg
Serdar West Exterior.jpg

Negative HERS! The Arthur Minnis Rd home scored an amazing -13 HERS score when independently rated by Southern Energy Management. This home is not just zero energy -- it is expected to generate more significantly more than it uses in a year.    Click here to view the HERS report for this home! For more about HERS scores, and to see how truly special a -13 score is, click on the link below.  (

serdar big door to porch.jpg
serdar floating shelves.jpg
Serdar Tile and Ipe'.jpg
Serdar View into shower.jpg